Reviews Treasure Valley Tre Company, LLC

  • Michael is prompt, professional, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. He pruned and treated several trees and shrubs on our property and did a great job. I will recommend him to my friends!
  • Michael at Treasure Valley Tree Company is truly a master at his trade. He has the ability, skill and knowledge to clear large trees in even the most precarious locations. His actions and work ethic are top notch. You can count on Mike to provide a competitive bid and honor it with no hidden costs or extra add ons. I highly recommend him for all of your tree and yard maintenance needs.
  • I had a BIG problem. My 60 foot poplar's center was diseased, and was growing in two directions, toward my house and toward my neighbor's house. I saw an ad in the Middleton Gazette for Treasure Valley Tree Company, plus one other company. They both diagnosed my situation, reaching similar conclusions.

    I chose Mr. Armstrong and Treasure Valley Tree Company. He responded immediately to my call, and his bid was 25% lower than the other guy's. There was a snafu with the availability of some equipment. The job was postponed for one week, but the timing was not critical, so it was no problem.

    Mr. Armstrong went above and beyond what was expected. He also cut down a smaller tree and trimmed down two stumps for no extra charge. He worked for two solid days in bitter cold temperatures. On the adjacent tree, in addition to the agreed trimming, he ended up cutting two more branches for aesthetic reasons, to make the remaining tree look balanced. When he was finished, the clean-up was perfection. You couldn't even tell he'd been there. He hauled away all waste, and threw the majority of wood over the fence for my neighbor, as arranged.

    Mr. Armstrong is kind, hard-working, and a great family man. He's proud of his wife and kids. I highly recommend Treasure Valley Tree Company.
  • Mike pruned my Maple tree today. He did an excellent job. Cleaned up all the branches after and was a very reasonable charge. I will certainly recommend him and will call him again.
  • Mike has taken care of my lawn the last two summers and has worked on odd projects like helping put in my rose garden. He's proven to be very knowledgeable, hard working, dependable, and reasonably priced. I can't recommend him highly enough!
  • Michael is one of the best arborists that I know. His company has done several projects for me now from trimming 90 foot tall trees to removing them. He knows what he is doing and is always is concerned about making sure he doesn't damage anything. You can trust him and his opinions. This is what you get from Michael:

    He is there when he says he’ll be there.

    He answers the phone...or calls you immediately back if you leave a message or text. NO ONE DOES THAT!

    He is respectful of you with his manners; Michael is one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever met.

    He honors his bid. And completes the project even if something happens and is losing money.

    He is a great value: while not the cheapest upfront...what you get is all of the above which comes at a premium....then he doesn’t nickel and dime you afterwords so you don’t feel cheated.
  • My trees look amazing! Michael Armstrong loves to work with trees and it shows in his work. I highly reccomend Treasure Valley Tree Company