Stump Removal Treasure Valley Tree Company, LLC

Stump Removal

Smaller stumps can oftentimes be dug out using hand tool like a pick and shovel. Larger stumps can be removed by grinding them out with a stump grinder. Stumps are typically ground out 4-6 inches below ground level then the extra debris is hauled away leaving the area flat.

Tree Removal

Trees that are dead, dying, planted in a bad location or are no longer desirable to the owner are removed. Small trees can oftentimes be removed by cutting them down from the ground using a notch and a back cut. Larger trees that need removed oftentimes have to either be roped down in sections by a skilled climber and a man on the ground controlling the ropes or equipment such as a lift or crane can be used to remove the tree in pieces that can be safely guided to the ground.