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Stump Removal & Grinding

Rid Your Yard of Unsightly Blemishes

Turn to us for tree stump grinding services in Caldwell, ID

Tree stumps are eyesores, tripping hazards and hotspots for pests. If you want to eliminate your ugly tree stump, Treasure Valley Tree Company has just the solution for you. We provide professional stump grinding services in Caldwell, ID and surrounding areas.

Stump grinding is done by chewing the tree stump down a few inches below the ground level. By doing so, we’re leaving the stump to decay under your yard. Once we’re finished, you’ll be free to use your yard again.

Call us today to arrange for stump grinding services. We’ll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Eliminate your tree stump for good.

Unlike stump grinding, the stump removal services offered by Treasure Valley Tree Company eliminates your stump entirely. You’ll be left with a hole in your lawn, but that can easily be fixed with mulch or other bedding materials. If you’re not sure whether stump grinding or stump removal is better for you, we can walk you through your options.

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